Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Should Elton John adopt?

After a recent post where I questioned the idea of allowing gay adoption (not coming to any conclusions, of course), what do people think of Elton John wanting to adopt Lev, an orphan from the Ukraine?

Now I don't know the particular circumstances of Lev, nor the living conditions of the orphanage, but he lives in an orphanage where many of the parents have died of HIV and I'm imagining the living conditions aren't that crash hot. Would it be better for Lev to remain the orphanage, or adopted by Elton and David where his standard of living (education, health etc etc.) would be much better?

Now, I know there are so many particulars and variables for us to answer that question adequately, so my question is basically this: Both poverty and homosexuality are against the created order. Which is worse for a child to be raised in?

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Miniature Earth

Great vid to help put things into perspective.

Moore College peeps, don't ever refer to yourself as a poor student again. You're not.

Also, in light of this vid and our greedy culture, read this article on parents spending uber amounts of money on prams "for their children". In the word's of Homer; "It's funny cos it's true"

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why Gen-Y Can't Read Non-Verbal Clues

An intersting article on the effects the new digital media may be having on us, especially young people. The article notes how one of the biggest issues in cross-cultural communication is not language, but understanding the subtleties and nuances of gestures and so forth. The next generation may be faced with similar struggles immigrants have, but in their own country.

Anyway, this was the quote that I best identified with;

With a device close by, attendees at workplace meetings simply cannot keep their focus on the speaker. It's too easy to check email, stock quotes and Facebook. While a quick log-on may seem, to the user, a harmless break, others in the room receive it as a silent dismissal. It announces: "I'm not interested."

I do this all the time. I have an incredibly short attention span and my mind wanders, and subsequently I've become a terrible listener. Not the best character trait for a pastor in training!!