Friday, May 1, 2009

Our house looks like a bomb has hit it

It is getting worse and worse. Washing is lying everywhere, my desk and the table is just getting stacked higher and higher with all kinds of junk, and don't even get me started on the washing up. It's all part of the fun of having children.

Here's the kicker, now that BOTH children have gone to sleep, Sarah and I have a little time to ourselves. Do we spend that time cleaning up, or do we do something we both enjoy and relax (in my case, my doctrine readings)? What would you do?

Sars and I have opted for relaxing. She's gardening, I'm doing this and reading doctrine. The house is disgusting.


Nathan said...

the Joys i have to look forward to - I think your doing the right thing, i know ppl who would think otherwise!

Shane said...

know the feeling Geoff - when you are beat the last thing you want to do is clean
love your and get a cleaner Geoff - or let a family member or a friend serve you
then she sleep better and you'll read better (cause you won't get distracted and blog about it!)

Shane said...

ie love your wife etc

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