Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rethinking Apologetics

From today's SMH, thanks to Gordo, who got it from Lucy;

MORE than four in 10 Australians who do not consider themselves "born again"' still believe Jesus rose from the dead, while one in 10 does not believe he existed.

We really need to get out of this mindset that if we can just convince people of Jesus resurrection, they will see that he is God and become a Christian. Even though it might be logical, it's silly to think so. People aren't reasoned into a relationship with God. Any apologetics we do must not be done in a way"convince" people to the faith, but rather our defense is more of an invitation to come partake in the true bread of life.

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Dannii said...

I think I'm kinda coming to this similarly. The biggest benefit of Apologetics is for believers, to give them more assurance of what they already believe. But many non-believers do have genuine questions, and if we can answer them that is great. But even after that they still need to be humbled and come to God knowing they're broken, and you can't argue someone into that.