Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reflection on Mission

Ok, so I've been hanging out on mission all of last week then all of a sudden its over and I've got all these thoughts & ideas running round in my head. This year was my second MTC mission and I'd be happy to say that it was the better of the 2 that I've been on. This is why:

Partnership with the church:
This year we had 2 members of the local church give up holidays and get involved with our ministry to the local community as well as a few who did things every now and then - for me, this was a great encouragement as it really felt like we were partnering with the church.

Pushed me out of my comfort zone:
last year was fairly easy - i did a lot of school scripture and the only 'difficult' thing for me to do was a short talk at the local skate park. This year i knocked on doors of complete strangers & had people reject the Gospel in not uncertain terms.

Organising Kids group:
By complete accident i volunteered to look after organising the Thursday arvo kids club. I dont think I'm gifted and certainly dont feel keen on kids ministry, yet things came together really well and the leader of the kids club thought we had done pretty well!

I cant wait to see how i will be challenged next year on MTC mission #3!

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geoffc said...

just so y'all know, if you've been linked here by Craig S, that I didn't write this blog, Nathan Lowery did...by accident.

see above posts for explanation.