Monday, April 6, 2009

My brush with fame today

While playing Oz tag with the youth group boys down at Redfern oval today, a man was watching us play and then asked me over for a word or two. He asked me who we were, where we lived and that he liked what we were doing, and he told me that we would have to register with the Rabbitohs if we were to use this oval each week. I subsequently introduced him to the guys as someone who "works for the Rabbitohs", and then realised I hadn't got his name so I asked. "Peter, Peter Holmes-a-Court "...."Oh" I said rather embarrassed, "boys, this guy owns the Rabbitohs". He then played with us for a while and at the end gave us a little speech, and introduced me to some other guy from the Rabbitohs. He said he wanted us to register because he thought we were on to a good thing and would like to see it continue.

I felt pretty chuffed. That was my brush with fame for the day.


shanerogerson said...

maybe brush past his cheque book and keep the youth centre well resourced

geoffc said...

ha. It is interesting (no, it's probably sin) that the first thing I thought of was "man, I hope I get some cash out of this..."

I sometimes assume rich people just want to throw their money away.