Monday, April 20, 2009

Jaywalking Power Plays

Some people seek to show their power over others by making it big in the corporate world, others in politics, and some even in churches and community groups. In Redfern, people seeking power plays dordle across the street. It's both interesting and frustrating at the same time. Someone will be walking across the street, see a car, and slow down in order to make the car slow down. This is either followed with some form of gesture to tell the approaching car to "just wait a little" or some profanities.

The more I think about it the more it seems to be power plays by people who don't have the money or social status to have exert power over others...well at least others who have the money to afford cars. I'm not having a crack at the poor, nor saying it's only poor people who do it. If what I'm sayin is true it's quite understandable in one sense. People who feel trodden on will try and tread on others. It's just that I notice it Redfern a lot, and I'm trying to work out why it happens so much here and not as much in other places I've lived.


Belteshazzar said...

Maybe it is the laid back atmosphere, or the friendly neighborhood, maybe they see you and kept help but slow down to have a good look? Maybe it is all the above. I know it would be for me here in Hornsby Heights, especially if i saw you walk by.

Phil Nicholson said...

Great cultural observation. I have not thought of this before but I am sure there is something in what you say. When we are powerless we will try to exert power in all sorts of small and hidden ways.