Monday, April 6, 2009

Exams vs Assignments

As I sit here trying to digest all this verbal aspect nonsense for my exam coming up, I realise how much I prefer assignments over exams. The problem with exams, I find, is that you spend so much time memorising content that does not require memorisation. Con's book will be great to reference as I exegete passages in the future, and I can always have it nearby for such purposes. So why spend all this time memorising it other than to pass an exam? I'm still not sure

What about you, do you prefer exams or assignments?


katierae said...

I definietly prefer assignments!

michael jensen said...

But exams are so much easier to mark!

geoffc said...

ha. I guess it's the same with letting Noah watchi an hour of TV every now and then. It might not be the BEST thing for him, but if his parents don't get that break we're worse off on the whole, thus he misses out.

so THAT's why we do exams.

dave miers said...


hands down.