Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do Christians really grasp the concept of hell?

I imagine for Christians the worst fate for anyone would be hell. But do we really behave as though our family and friends were about to have the worst fate imaginable befall them? How could we possibly sleep at night?


Belteshazzar said...

Good issue Geoff, have we dismissed the idea of hell because we or society dont like the depressing idea. I think it is both. We dont like the idea of hell and can block our minds from it. But some really do care about this.

Society (non Christian) dont understand the seriousness of Hell and this makes it hard for us to approach them to save them.

So we may care, but is the bigger question, do we allow this to motivate our evangelism?

geoffc said...

We may not have dismissed hell, but do we act like it is real, like our friends and family are going there? How much tears do you shed over the lost? I know I haven't shed any in a long time.

If we really understood the seriousness of hell, would we sleep so easy at night?

michael jensen said...

Yeah - I am troubled at how easily and glibly we speak of hell in evangelism... the way we speak of it has no reality.