Saturday, April 18, 2009

Could this be why blogging is viewed as a nasty affair?

Over at Giraffe Pen one commenter wrote;

I don't come here to attack you. Like I said before, I read everything you write. I only comment when I disagree or need some clarification because I like to discuss things. Simply saying, "I agree" doesn't create a discussion, and thus, it doesn't really interest me. I know that's an odd personality trait but it is what it is.

There is nothing wrong with disagreement and discussion of course, but I think blogs could do with some more hearty "amen!"'s and affirmation. Especially Christian ones. I think some of us may feel commenting is worthwhile only if we can critique or add some profound intellectual statement, or that blogs are only intended for the purpose of discussion. I don't see why this has to be the case.

More Amen's, please!


Anonymous said...


Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

Amen, Geoff. Thanks for the comment on my blog :D I've been trying to get that through to the guy whom you responded to many times and nothing's changed. Cheers.

Belteshazzar said...

I will agree with what has been said. We can always encourage each other with positive feedback.

dave miers said...

fo shizzle homie.

i often try to do that.

onlinesoph said...


and dave, you always do that :)