Monday, March 9, 2009

Microsoft Word

My Microsoft Word 2000 is frustrating me, it seems it is outdated. Should I update and get volume 9, or is there a cheaper or better option?


dave miers said...

hey man.

check out microsoft's student website:

you can get the whole of office ultimate 2007 for only $75. that's like 90% off!

i got it last year when i started at moore. moore wasn't listed, but you pretty much just need an "" email address to qualify.

i think i also had to send them a copy of my student card... i think.

it was easy to do.

geoffc said...

oh cheers man. that's great.

Dannii said...

Open office works fine for me, does everything I ever used MS office for.

Or for essays, I now use Lyx, a Latex editor. The learning curve is steep, but I think it pays off.

geoffc said...

is it cheap?

hayesy said...

Open Office is free!
Not as fully featured as Microsoft's, but very functional (might even be an upgrade from 2000)

DanielS said...

I haven't worked out anything that a college students wants to do which can't do.

$0 is better than $75 (and if you don't like what you see, you haven't lost anything).

I think the version you download from runs faster than the normal version, but I've never tested it to find out.

nlokb said...

Yeah i use OpenOffice too. It's great. Takes a few adjustments at first - eg installing Australian dictionary, adding words like 'trinitarian' and 'soteriology' to the dictionary, changing the default on your margins, turning off autoformat etc. But it's free and really it can do everything word can.