Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Melbourne and Sydney, a bit like England and the USA

SamR made some points about what he noticed about Melbourne and why he thinks it's a pretty cool place. I went to Melbourne once, and these are the four things I remember:

1) A dirty river
2) A homeless guy asking me for money, and when offering to take him for a meal at Burger King, him replying "Can we go somewhere a bit healthier?"
3) A 12,000 dollar handbag in a window
4) Sitting on the steps of Rod Laver arena consoling myself after Radiohead had just cancelled their concert there that night, the reason for which I came to Melbourne

So I didn't like it, but I think my decision was entirely influenced by point 4, and I was only there 2 nights so it's not much of a judgement. But what do I think of Melbourne, especially in comparison to Sydney? Is it better? To me the decision is a bit like choosing to travel to England or the USA. If you want big, flashy, and pretty, come to Sydney. It looks good, and has the "wow" factor, but if you go any deeper than the bright lights all you'll find are poker machines, awful public transport and too much cluster. If you prefer a little more culture and sophistication, you'll want to go to Melbourne to enjoy the Cafes, art and architecture, the great live music scene, and as Sam says, the less "booby" fashion.

Is my diagnosis correct?


dave miers said...


SamR said...

Well, I'm not sure I'd agree that there's nothing below Sydney's surface. There has to be some kind of culture, right?

Awesome story bout the burger guy though - what a punk!

onlinesoph said...

to find Sydney' culture, try the MCA or AGNSW :)