Monday, February 23, 2009

Youth Ministry needs a fishing pool

Ever since leaving my job at the community centre and scripture in Redfern to go to bible college, getting kids to come to youth has been difficult. Through my previous connections I would meet families and get to know lots of youth in the community, and through this invite them along to youth. Unfortunately college has pulled me out of the community a little, and my fishing pools are no longer there. Youth ministry needs a fishing pool, a place where you can be active and present and let people know who you are.

Redfern needs this even more. Our youth group is unique in that 95 percent of the kids aren't in Christian homes, and don't go to church. Fortunately, Redfern is also unique in that on the whole kids are bored and have a lot of free time, so they are looking for things to do and will come along to almost anything. So with this in mind today we had our first day of Oz tag (without the tags) down at Redfern Park. It was great fun and on the first day we had one boy come along who I've never met before. He asked us what we were doing from his terrace balcony as we walked to the oval, and when we told him he replied "Cool, I'm coming". I'm hoping there will be more of this in the weeks to come so that more kids will come to youth and hear the gospel.

Youth ministry needs a fishing pool

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