Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Bible No Blogs

2008 was the worst year ever for my personal bible reading since becoming a Christian, and it was my first year at Bible College. However I don't think I've ever read so many blogs since becoming a Christian.

I'm going to try and put this motto into practise daily. If I haven't read the bible that day, what the hell am I doing reading blogs??


Anonymous said...

Word, G.

Do it first or it won't happen.

dave miers said...

good call.

i think last year was probably my best year for a while.

train travel brought enabled increased discipline - thought it might drop off in holidays - but feel that regular bible reading has become a habit that doesn't need the train!

i'll ask you about this to see if you're sticking to it.peaceout

Adele said...

thanks dave. it would really help if you kept asking.

geoffc said...

ha. that was me above, not adele. I don't even know who adele is, but she was definately using this computer before me

dave miers said...


Shane said...

good discipline , i like it - and will do it myself.