Monday, February 23, 2009

Commenting on blogs

A close friend mentioned my name to one of his peers at college the other day, to which he replied "Wait, Geoff Chambers? Does he comment on a lot of blogs?"

My first thought was that I bet he thinks I'm a tool.

Would anyone else get a similar feeling, or is it just me?


Shane said...

no. just that you comment on blogs and have thoughtful things to say

psychodougie said...

do i get the feeling that you're a tool?

geoffc said...

no, the question i was asking was, if someone said they only knew you from what you write on other peoples blog, or your blog, what would they think of you?

however it is nice to know shane doesn't think i'm a tool

Shane said...

avatars and blogs could skew a reputation couldn't they - O can think of one well know blogger who leaves a bad taste in my mouth

geoffc said...

it sure can. which is why i try and remember that in reading blogs and comments over the web you are not getting the whole person. There is responsibility on the reader as well as the writer, methinks.

I'm quite sure we've all read over things we've previously written, and hoped people wouldn't judge us on those comments alone, realising they haven't communicated the way we wanted it to or something.

disa said...