Monday, November 10, 2008

Three Things

Sars and I did this cool little thing tonight that we found really helpful. We wrote down on a piece of paper three things that we loved about the other person, and then three things we would like to change about ourselves to better our marriage/family.

These are 2 aspects of communication we've found integral to relationships, yet have to make sure we put in the effort.
1) Making sure we regularly tell the other person what we cherish about them
2) Be self reflective about our own errors, and talk about them

Self reflection is key for anything I think, and guys generally suck at it. If you read this, why not come up with three things about yourself that need changing in regard to your relationships*.

And hey, why not tell that special person** 3 things about them that you really cherish.

*Don't write it in the comments section :-)
** Does not have to be spouse

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