Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blogspot sucks. Is wordpress better?

My previous post I finished writing half hour ago, but because of all the formatting issues I had with blogspot, it took me half an hour to figure out how to get it right. I should have been in bed earlier. grrrrrr....


Dave Miers said...

hey man. blogger is good.
but i think wordpress is a little more user friendly.
let me know if you need help setting one up.
you can transfer all your blogspot posts over to wordpress

Nick Russell said...

Hey Dude,

Never used blogspot myself so not sure on the problems it has. But i've found with wordpress that there are some limitations:

1) it is really difficult to paste from word without a whole heap of crazy code all over your post

2) they won't allow you to modify your CSS template - can be annoying if you want to paste html in for a site ring or something like that.

3) won't allow you to have google analytics.

Besides that i think it's pretty good. They have some good looking designs too and allow you 3gb free of storage space.

Occasionally there have been some formatting problems - i just make sure i check every post in both firefox and internet explorer.

Dave Miers said...

hey nick (and geoff)

there's a way around most of those things:

1) that's the case wherever you go. simple solution: paste it into notepad, then across to wordpress/blogspot or paste it from word into the 'html editor'. basically you need to get rid of all the formatting from word.

2) correct. but you can always make a text/html widget in the sidebar and put whatever code you want in there.

3) wordpress already have analytics running, so you can get some stats from them... and/or just add - it has real-time stats.