Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fexible Gospel Methods

Mrs Fan worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week developing photos. How could she ever hear the gospel if she was too busy and tired to come to any church activity?Mrs Fan needed someone to go to her and not just to be invited to come and hear.
Sharing with Mrs Fan was a challenge. sometimes there would be 10 interruptions in 10 minutes. Chronological Bible stories, which tell the salvation story from Creation to Jesus, were flexibleenough to cope with the interuptions. Mrs Fan loved the stories and would request another whenever she saw her friend. Gone were the days when I gospel conversation had to be initiated.
Taiwan's Working Class: A Prayer Guide

I love this story, not only because someone is hearing the gospel, but because of the initiative being used by missionaries in Taiwan to reach the working class with the message of Jesus. Things are not exactly the same in Australia (not many work 12 hours a day. God bless you, trade union movement!), but I wonder how flexible we are in order to reach those in our community with the gospel. What do you think some of the ways we need to be flexible in order to reach certain cultures with the gospel?

In Redfern sometimes I wonder if our church service would make many in the community feel uncomfortable. It is very ordered, people stand and sit when told, and are spoken to by a person up the front whose importance demands we be silent and listen. I was reflecting and the only other places this is normal for them is at school and in court, neither being a place they feel too comfortable. This raises questions of whether we should change the service, or work out ways of getting into the community. I.e., being incarnational in our approach to evangelism. Probably both.

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