Sunday, September 14, 2008

The institution can't be all bad

I have been reflecting a little about effective church since Mark Driscoll came and gave several helpful talks on church planting and contextualisation. Mark had a lot of valid points that have left me feeling with thoughts like; "Is the Anglican system really beneficial for anything then? Should I join it?". I think it is (not that I should join, necessarily), and I don't think effective church is by any means negated by belonging to an institution such as the Sydney Diocese. The reason being is that I came from a Sydney Anglican Church of 1300 strong which was incredibly contemporary and committed to contextualisation, and did it well! My mate is also the youth pastor of a Syd Ang church that has gone from 40 to 400 in ten years. Furthermore, I think of places like Bethlehem Baptist under Piper (8000) and Redeemer Presbyterian in New York (5000). Jesus still uses them.

The other thing about an institution like the Sydney Diocese, is that they do not micro-manage. As a rector aren't you given a fair amount of autonomy once you're in? I have a feeling that if Mark Driscoll were put in a Sydney Anglican church he'd be able to do similar of the amazing things he has done with Mars Hill in Seattle (under God's sovereignty, of course :-) ).

I know he made valid criticisms, but I think my initial feelings were wrong about our institution.

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