Monday, September 29, 2008


I decided last week that I was going to stop blogging, because I have nothing worthwile to talk about, and I cringe every time I read them.

I've started again, and look forward to more cringe-worthy moments. Enjoy.


benough... said...

If you blog for yourself then why publish it to the world? Write it on your fridge.

I am sure you know the word blog is short for web log. Keep logging your life, someone will read it.

geoffc said...

Why are 'blogging for yourself' and 'publishing it to the world' in antithesis with one another?

Can't I do both at the same time?

benough... said...

You can but then stopping because you cring about your own work seems nonsensical.

geoffc said...

Really? I figured that if I was cringing other people would be too.

But ultimately that's okay. I'm not publishing anything for a University journal, these are my half-baked thoughts which I'm sure people realise.

Dave Miers said...

half-baked???? are you serious??? i've been quoting you in essays!