Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sinful baby Augustine

I've begun to work my way through 'The Confessions of Saint Augustine' (I don't need to let you know that I'm reading it on the toilet). As a father of a one year old, I found it amusing yet thought-provoking on how he viewed himself as a baby. He writes;

Thus, little by little I became conscious of where I was and began to want to express my wishes to those who could content them. But I could not express them because the wishes were inside of me, and they outside; nor could they by their senses enter into my spirit. So I flung about at random, limbs and voices, making the few signs I could and such as I could, like - though in truth very little like - what I wished. And when I was not immediately obeyed, my wishes being harmful to me or unintelligible, then I was indignant with my elders for not submitting to me, with those owing me no service, for not serving me, and avenged myself on them by tears.
Confessions, Book 1

This was Augustine's interpretation of himself through observation of infants (obviously not his memory of himself!). The older Noah gets the more Sarah and I see that he, like the rest of us, is under the curse of the fall. He is completely egocentric, and I'm sure as he gets older this quote will continually come to mind. Having said that, Noah is a wonderfully well-behaved baby whom we both delight in very much, and this in no way a complaint about his behaviour!

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