Monday, June 16, 2008

Reading Carson has become frustrating

I bought 'Christ and Culture' by Don Carson today after enjoying what I understood of his lectures at Moore earlier this year. I've read a few of his books before, but now I'm finding I read him like he lectures, and I hear his voice as I do it (kind of like in the movies when someone reads a letter from someone else). If you've heard Carson lecture before you'll understand what I am talking about, and why this is not a good thing.

Don't get me wrong, I think Carson is great, I just wish he spoke a little slower. It would make reading him much easier.


reuben// said...

yeah! i know what you mean!!

I find myself doing the same with Peter Bolt's Cross from a distance now too - hearing his voice as I read. It's a strange thing...

Is the book good? (fast-talking aside?)

mark said...

yah he sure is a fast-talker (is there a seinfeld episode about that?)... i've only flicked through that christ and culture book, but it looks pretty good! would love to hear your thoughts on it as you go through...!

and reuben - i reckon that if i was reading peter bolt's book the other trouble i'd face would be just picturing a chopper-reid moustache on every page! :)

geoffc said...

@Reuben - so far it is. Currently still in the first chapter discussing Nebhur's 5 views of Christ and Culture.

@Mark - I'll share some thoughts on it as I go hopefully. What I find interesting anyway, or what is confusing that may need clarification.