Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sarah and I are in the process of getting rid of stuff that takes up space for no reason. I've just finished putting all my CD's into a super large CD wallet I bought today, and now I'm going to get rid of those pesky plastic covers. Do we really need them?

We also got rid of an unnecessary coffee table and cabinet today. There will be more throwing out of things these holidays.

Decluttering excites me. I dream of a clutterless world.


reuben// said...

do you think you could do it?:

geoffc said...

oh wow!

We definately couldn't with Noah. He's the biggest reason we want to rid ourselves of clutter.

100 things though? It's a good principle I think, ensuring you have only what you need, or at least don't become obsessed with things. I have a friend who everytime he buys a cd, he gives one away. I used to be quite precious about my CD collection, last night was a first attempt to change that.