Saturday, June 14, 2008


"...there is as much wickedness in believing a lie as in telling it, if we are always ready to believe it"

Charles Spurgeon, God Will Bless You

Not too long ago I was humbled and rebuked when I realised I was guilty of partaking in gossip. I was not the person who spoke words about someone behind their back, but years ago was on the receiving end of some seriously incriminating words about a friend of mine. I kept these things to myself, until recently when speaking to him about a seperate issue I brought it up. His reply was, "Who told you that, and why the HELL did you believe them?"

His words hit me so hard. I was ashamed. What made it even harder was I was trying to rebuke him! For several years I had believed the slander spoken against him, and although I had not told anyone else I allowed it to form my opinions of him and I'm certain our relationship would have suffered because of it.

Gossip sucks, and unfortunately I am continually guilty of it, and not just by being a passive listener. I don't know what it is that makes partaking in gossip so tempting for us all. For me, perhaps it is the desire to know others are just as bad, or even worse. This would probably spring from my own insecurities. I'm not sure, but thank God I am saved by grace.

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